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Saturday, March 04, 2006

WebTrends Marketing Lab Buzz

I'm going to try an experiment. WebTrends is going to release the WebTrends Marketing Lab soon. As you know, I'm in the R&D organization at WebTrends, and I definitely do NOT speak for our company, or our products. I generally do not write about our products, except to possibly provide examples, or new tools (widgets of course), and analytics ideas.

The WebTrends Marketing Lab will be very cool, but I'll let our fabulous marketing and product marketing folks give you the full story. (Ok, maybe I'll write about a few new slick features...but not until we launch it.)

What I'd like to do via this post is to see if I can capture the buzz of the WebTrends Marketing Lab as we launch it to the industry. I'll update this post with more items as I find them.

  • The fabulous OX2 team in Belguim is getting the word out to their customers (and future customers!), noting that "we are very excited at OX2 with this new launch that will help our current and future clients to better measure and optimize their online activities."
  • Mike Keyes has written the first post that I've come across. He says he's "looking forward to seeing more of this new version". Sweet. Thanks for starting the buzz Mike!

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