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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Buzz 101

Andy Beal, with Fortune Interactive, has penned a great resource guide for monitoring your "Online Reputation". He offers some helpful hints on getting started, including:
How to track?

• If possible, monitor hourly as early action is crucial.

• Create custom RSS feeds based on keyword searches: Feedster.com, Technorati.com, IceRocket.com, Google.com/blogsearch, Blogpulse.com, MSN Spaces, Yahoo! News, Google News, MSN News and PubSub.

• Filter all feeds into one RSS Reader for easy and time-efficient monitoring options include: Newsgator.com, Bloglines.com, Google Reader or Pluck.com.

• Sign up for Google and Yahoo email alerts using your desired keywords (http://alerts.yahoo.com/ and www.google.com/alerts).
That's quite a list! Even if you did some of it though, along with some of the other items he suggests, you'd be headed in the right direction.

And, I would add Attensa Outlook to the options in the RSS Reader category.

Finally, I would also recommend looking at this transcript from an online Q&A session with Steve Rubel. This piece of the industry is clearly in its infancy.

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  1. Robbin Steif3/10/2006 4:25 AM

    IMHO, the greatest RSS reader out there (if you are already using it for email) is Thunderbird. Thunderbird often ignores the fact that one is reading a feed and shows the site itself (as if one were reading a Permalink.)

    Sorry, I know you wanted to write about reputation management more than feed readers, at least today.




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