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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Vast – Open API Search Tool

An interesting new search service, and business approach. Built as an open API source of data - ready for the mining. From TechCrunch:

vast logo

The key to Vast is that they have done an excellent job of aggregating the long tail, as well as the top sites, and they want developers to now ’steal this site’ (as it says on their homepage). Vast is making all this information available through an API which developers and site owners can use to integrate with other services or to build their own services with. The licensing terms for the API are as liberal as they can get – they just ask that you don’t do anything illegal and that you attribute Vast as the source of your data. Developers can now build their own implementation of the world largest auto search site in a matter of days and do what they like with it (place ads on it, etc.). In fact, the Vast.com site itself is an implementation of this API that took only a couple of weeks to write.

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