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Monday, March 20, 2006

WebTrends Marketing Lab Buzz Update

Since my previous post on March 4th, there have been quite a few new articles written about the new WebTrends Marketing Lab. I have been watching the buzz via Technorati, IceRocket and others, so I thought I'd note what I've found. There are, of course, other sites who can help track the buzz...I like these two as a starting point.

This is more of a list than an analysis of the buzz, but it's a reference point anyway. The major sites I've seen thus far on IceRocket include:

"blog" search:
WebTrends Expands Beyond Website Analytics Into ... InternetWeek ( Focus Exclude Subscribe! ) 371 links from 248 blogs
WebTrends Expands Beyond Website Analytics Business Intelligence Pipeline ( Focus Exclude Subscribe! ) 199 links from 69 blogs
WebTrends Expands Into Marketing Performance Measurement Systems Management Pipeline ( Focus Exclude Subscribe! ) 164 links from 88 blogs

"web" search:
destinationCRM.com: Come Up to the Marketing Lab
Web Host News | WebTrends Launches Marketing Lab
WebTrends to Launch Data Warehouse Product

"news" search:
Firms get better online marketing analysis
WebTrends Unveils WebTrends Marketing
WebTrends Expands Beyond Website Analytics
WebTrends expands into online marketing metrics

Technorati notes a few different items:
WebTrends Launches Marketing Lab In Web Host Industry Review | Fin...
10 Quick Wins for Email Marketing In iMedia Connection: Connecting ...
WebTrends To Release Marketing Lab By Pat McCarthy in Conversion Rater
How WebTrends will be positionned after the... By Rene Dechamps Otamendi and Aurelie Pols in WebAnalytics.be Blog
Launch Update: WebTrends Marketing Lab Webcast By Rene Dechamps Otamendi and Aurelie Pols in WebAnalytics.be Blog

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