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Thursday, May 11, 2006

First Google Gadgets for Analytics

The folks over at Performancing have the first Google Gadget (GG) for web analytics that I've come across. GG is one of Google's latest desktop tools, and it's pretty slick - definitely a direct attack on one of my favorite tools - the very popular Yahoo! Widgets.

Here's a snapshot of the Performancing gadget:
I've been using Performancing to measure traffic on this blog for a couple of months now. My favorite feature is their RSS feed of analytics data. You can see the data for my site here:

I find that I don't visit the Performancing site much since I'm subscribed to the RSS feed of the data. Reading analytics data via a feed is a bit awkward in that the data is updated several times throughout the day, and each update is picked up by my RSS reader, so if I don't get to the feed for a couple of days, it's a lot of repetitive data.

Congrats to the Performancing team for being first to the punch. Nice job! I still plan on giving my Yahoo! Widgets a facelift and a few more features in the near future.

Update: In looking at this again, it looks like the GG is actually built by a third-party (geniosity.co.za)...but it works fine...cool stuff.

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