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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Twitter Analytics

It looks like Twitter is starting to get serious with how to monetize all of that amazing information they are collecting. According to Kevin Thau, Twitter's Director of Business Development:
"We can measure the tweets," he says. "We're trying to figure out what are the appropriate metrics around engagement and how to convey those."
Jeremy Owyang was also interviewed for that Forbes article, noting when asked about whether there's any money to be made:
"When it comes to enterprises, absolutely," says Jeremiah Owyang, a social computing analyst with Forrester Research (nasdaq: FORR - news - people ). "I just got off a call with a client that's asking about how to engage on Twitter. There's definitely interest."
I think Twitter rocks, and will continue to change how we communicate and share information. I use it to bookmark information now (so sorry delicious...), as well as staying in touch with the evangelists in the social media industry and the analytics industry. And with this new development of measurement coming from Twitter, I imagine we'll all be watching these industries get closer together as we figure out how best to integrate information.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Perhaps it's just a conspiracy?

Perhaps this is just Google messing with us. I searched on "web analytics" and received the hashed up response above, and obviously others have stumbled on this too. How many individuals in our industry (SEO, Web Analytics, SEM) have spent (wasted?) time figuring this out in the past few days? And their only response thus far has been to point us to a blog post from 2006?

It sure seems like they could be a bit more transparent on this.


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