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Friday, June 09, 2006

Google Is Making Analytics Easier

Google announced a new Firefox extension today.  It synchronizes your browser settings between computers, including saved passwords, history, bookmarks, and....wait for it...persistent cookies.

A common issue plaguing web analytics accuracy is tracking a unique visitor between different computers at home, and/or at work.  Unless you require a visitor to register and/or login to your web property, you generally cannot identify the same visitor who moves from computer to computer, nor can you accurately track those visitors who have recently rebuilt their computer, or have purchased a new system, or are borrowing a computer, etc.

This extension, which even "remembers which tabs and windows you had open", may provide new levels of accuracy previously only available to a small number of sites.  Granted, it's only available currently for Firefox customers (and only those who are savvy enough to add extensions from Google, and then use it properly).  But it's definitely an intriguing opportunity.

Plenty has been written about unique visitor tracking in the analytics world.  Leave it to Google to shake things up a bit.

Some threads (from Techmeme):
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