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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Feed Conversion: Geffen.com

Feedburner announced today that Geffen Records is using their services.  This is a nice feather in Feedburner's cap, and a good use of feeds for providing updated consumer content (in this case, artist specific content like news, tour dates, etc.).  They plan on using FeedFlare and the FeedBurner Ad Network (FAN).  Cool stuff.

In Feedburner's blog post on this subject, they note this interesting conversion data:
Geffen's early trials proved that feeds were the marketing tool that garnered the highest conversions. Feed subscribers were four times more likely to take action (e.g. download wallpaper, play audio/video clips, sign up for a message board, etc.) than those reached through more traditional methods. Recognizing the growing audience that will no doubt follow the launch of the next generation of browsers, Geffen wanted to lay the groundwork for a company-wide embrace of feeds to ensure they're able to leverage this new medium.
Four times more likely to take action.  Impressive.

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