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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Keeping Up On The Buzz

From Micro Persuasion:
Buzzmetrics today announced they have purchased Intelliseek and sold a majority stake in the new company to Nielsen, which is owned by VNU. The new company, called Nielsen Buzzmetrics, will be headquartered here in New York. Dizzy yet?
Definitely dizzy. Intelliseek makes the very cool BlogPulse tool, which offers a different slice of analytics data based on "buzz" on the internet. (A slight tangent - AVC posted a bit of interesting history on Planet Feedback/Intelliseek that's worth a read). Here's the buzz on web analytics over the past 6 months (I bet you know what the mid-November spike was...):

Now, to make it even more dizzy, remember that Nielsen also owns the web analytics tool NetRatings. They can now measure the buzz, mine through the conversations and analyze the traffic all under one umbrella. That adds a terrific new dimension to web analytics, and it will be interesting to watch VNU expand this offering.

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