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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Del.icio.us Issues and Your Site

I've written many times about how much I like del.icio.us. They provide a terrific set of tools, and I'm sure there are many more cool features in the works. I've come to depend on it, and even have (had) a link to their very slick API in my template for this blog.

Unfortunately, they are/were having difficulties this morning, and this blog was unavailable as a result. A good reminder that as we create web 2.0 services that we all leverage creatively on our sites, we need to:
  • Make sure the web site will load with or without the third-party service
  • Build good monitoring to understand when any component of the site is not functioning properly
  • If you provide a service or API, make sure it's always available. Have a good contingency plan that allows for a graceful failover if needed for when your site is unavailable (scheduled and unscheduled).


  1. GrabPERF has excellent data on the outage, which is ongoing at 11:09 EST (16:09 GMT).

    The Newest Industry


  2. Thanks for the links Stephen...definitely a bummer for them.



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