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Monday, April 03, 2006

NYTimes Site Update

The NYTimes updated their web presence last night. I like the wider page structure they've moved to in this redesign, as well as the great use of whitespace. They've updated some features, and added a few. The "most popular" areas within the sections (for example, check out the Technology section, lower-right) include email and blog references. There's a new section for "most blogged" stories from the site, which is updated hourly. This is pretty slick...I wonder how what technology (or service) they are using to determine which articles bloggers are linking to?

Khoi Vinh, the Design Director for the site has a post describing the launch. Anil Dash has a good overview as well, with some helpful extra reference.

As a techie/privacy side-note, they have an odd mix of P3P statements on the site that they may want to address. They set a cookie when you first visit the site, but they don't send a P3P with the cookie (which means that IE users with their privacy setting to "low" and above are not setting their cookie). And there are two CNAME'd "first party" domains referenced, each setting their own cookies, and both contain different P3P statements.

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