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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

LiquidSculpture Analysis - AOL impact

Martin cornered me yesterday and said, "I've got three little letters for you...AOL". His LiquidSculpture site was featured on the front page of AOL. Very cool.

Of course, that meant another bump in traffic. What was the impact? Not as much as we had thought it might be. You can see from this hourly graph that there was definitely an uptick in visits when the page was featured on the site.

The traffic tapered off pretty quickly though, and although the link is still available on a second-level page of AOL, it obviously isn't generating as much interest as yesterday.

We're puzzled by one aspect of this traffic though, and that is with the lack of referrers. We assume that AOL is stripping the referrer information out of the requests. They've been known to be creative with their customer's traffic, and of course, it is their network, so they can do whatever they want!

And how did LiquidSculpture end up on AOL's homepage? Martin has no idea. Someone obviously saw his site on BoingBoing or Fark or the NYTimes. I think we should start a competition though. We'll call it "MakeMeHotOrNot". We'll invite all of the portals and search engines to try to drive traffic to his site, and we'll measure it. Who do you think would drive the most?

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