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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Amazing photography and case study

I'll run a few articles on a new case study that has quite literally dropped into our laps. We're going to keep tabs on an analytics event as it unfolds, triggered through a slashdot effect (although this one was kicked off by boingboing). The impact is quite fantastic.

But first, let's talk about art. Martin Waugh is a colleague of mine (and a heck of a guy to boot) who has managed to develop several terrific photography jigs to take some truly wonderful photographs of drops. His work has recently been featured on boingboing, fark, yahoo picks (they did a very nice write-up), the nytimes, and of course, by our local WWeek.

Enjoy the great photography. I'll talk more about what's been happening to his traffic in the past few weeks since the boingboing bounce (a newly coined phrase!).

Here are a few samples:

Check them all out on Martin's site (http://www.liquidsculpture.com).

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