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Monday, April 16, 2012

Congratulations to Chartbeat

Many congrats to the Chartbeat team, closing a new round raising $9.5M.  They've done a great job of pushing the real time story deeply into the analytics world, and are pushing through three major ideas at the moment:

  1. Engagement.  Real-time engagement is a very smart idea, and will be very useful for sites who are looking to really understand what's of interest by their visitors.
  2. Data in context.  Very smart.  It's one thing to see a number, or even a trend, but is it good?  Or bad?  Context matters.
  3. More data.  Mobile devices and social activities are critical to understanding the big picture.
They've updated their look as well, with a data-viz look to their site, and new dashboard views within the product.  All good things.  Well done.

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