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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So long Konfabulator

Almost missed this.  Yahoo is discontinuing development and support of the "yahoo widgets" (Konfabulator) platform.  From their EOL statement:
  • Yahoo will be discontinuing development and support of Desktop Widgets as a product
  • After April 10, 2012, the Desktop Widget Gallery website for downloading new and updated desktop widgets located at widgets.yahoo.com will not be operational.
  • The existing Desktop Widget Engine, Yahoo! and 3rd party desktop widgets in distribution on desktop PCs and Macs, may continue to operate under arevised terms of use.
I give the Konfabulator team a lot of credit for creating the first real cross-platform App platform.  It was easy to develop fairly powerful apps (widgets), and make them easy to use.  Well done.

Of course, they missed a few opportunities along the way, including the now obvious iOS and Android revolution.  Bummer for Yahoo.

What's strange in all of this is that there's definitely still an appetite for desktop widgets.  It's not like the demand has gone away.  The Chrome approach doesn't seem quite right, and even Apple hasn't totally nailed this particular need.  Is something else out there?

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