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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Apple Shutting Down iTunes Connect During Holidays

File this under "only Apple could get away with this". Apple notes that they are shutting down their iTunes Connect environment from December 23rd - 28th, 2009.

Over 100k apps on their App Store, with many more on the way each week, and they have the nerve to shut down their App developer management and reporting tools - during the busiest App season of the year (for some). Perhaps they could have gotten away with this over the last couple of years, but this seems like the tipping-point year where there are a lot more folks relying on this environment for their livelihood. After all...there are analytics involved here!

Jolie over at RWW notes:
So, once again, during what may be some app developers' biggest sales spike of the entire year, they will not have access to information on sales performance or other metrics, and they won't be able to tweak their marketing materials or create new incentives as the year's biggest gift-giving holiday approaches.
Developers...get everything together so you're not caught flat-footed!

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