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Monday, April 09, 2007


Nothing to do with analytics...I bought a Mac (MacBook) this weekend. I've never used a Mac before. What a great experience. I turned it on, answered a couple of questions and I was connected and on my way. The kids love it...and I do as well.

I'm trying to figure out if I should get a .mac account, or just use Yahoo or Google for everything. Anyone have any preferences?

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  1. Eric,

    It is very easy to become a convert.

    No need to get a .mac account in my opinion.

    One thing that you may want to look at depending on what you are using it for is running Parallels if you need it for Windows-only applications (www.parallels.com)

    Also, you should get Office for Mac

  2. Hi Eric,

    I imagine what you feel. Last year I bought one as I needed a new laptop and I must admit that it was a great experience. I've never started using a computer so quickly after buying it ;-)

    Siegert also uses a MAC at home and I know that he's very happy with his .mac account (I have to admit that I haven't take one myself as I already have too many accounts here and there).

    What I like the most is that you can easily close it and open it again without loosing anything, and guess what, it never crashed ;-)

    For me the only inconvinience is that everybody uses a PC at the office so it's sometimes problematic regarding compatibility of documents...

    Nevertheless, enjoy as I think that a mac is the perfect computer for a domestic computer.

    Kind Regards,


  3. Seems to become more and more popular to "convert" (and to announce it accordingly ...).

  4. Thanks for the comments Jeff, René and Jens. It's quite a treat so far!

  5. 500 people converting each day. They call them switchers.

  6. The new 10GB .mac account rocks!
    Yahoo! webmail is so slow... and GMail doesn't have an impressive uptime.

    I recommend you to use a .Mac account.



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