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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Webcast - Competing On Analytics

Professor Tom Davenport of Babson College will be speaking today (10am PST) on a topic he's written on previously, Competing on Analytics Paper. The subtitle for the presentation is, "Move Faster, Accomplish More, and Avoid Mistakes by Learning From The Best". Could be interesting.

The Juice Analytics folks will be covering the event.

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  1. We (Juice) are trying to manage the shrill-iness on our response to Tom Davenport's campaign, but it is hard. I think experience analytical professionals feel a little like Native Americans when Colombus arrived. The explorer exclaims: "I've found a new land and it has new kinds of plants and animals." To which we reply: "yes, we are well aware--it has been here for many years. In fact, if you asked us, we could help you move beyond the most superficial understanding...but hey, don't bother, you're the big shot."



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