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Saturday, February 18, 2006

More Analysis on Competing on Analytics

Until recently, I haven't received many comments on this blog. The Web Analytics Forum that EricP setup provides a terrific format for discussions in the industry (and thank you to Robbin for the nice comment!).

However, two folks wrote some nice comments on my Competing on Analytics post, and I wanted to make note of them for you to check out. Zach Gemignani is with the Juice Analytics team, and Aurélie Pols is with the fine WebAnalytics.be European Dream Team in Belguim.

Both comments are very thoughtful, and well articulated. Zach wrote a good follow up post as well, providing a deeper critique of the research.

Thanks for the notes...keep them coming!

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  1. I'm also glad to see some dialogue taking place. A question: Can/should we make a better distinction between web analytics and the larger concept of business analytics? There is a great deal of heat around web analytics these days, and maybe that's where everyone's interest is. Still, there is a much larger world of customer profiling, scoring, data mining, dashboards, etc. that goes beyond web measurement. None of this stuff feels very well defined. In fact, I just got an e-mail from a blog reader who was desperately seeking a definition of analytics. Thoughts?



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