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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bit.ly Redefining their Analytics Niche Industry

Make no mistake about it, Bit.ly is an Analytics company. URL shortening is just a means to an end for them (and goo.gl and fb.me), allowing them to capture as many click-throughs as possible. The more URLs they can shorten, the deeper they become within a company's workflow, and the tighter they become with a company's overall analytics solution.

Yesterday, Bit.ly announced their Bit.ly Pro service. This is an obvious smart next step for them as they move toward building a business model. They are now offering a realtime dashboard of great stats, and company-branded, whitelabel URLs.

The whitelabel URL is very smart. This has been around for awhile, but productionizing it is smart to do, and IMHO will be one of the bigger ideas that Brands appreciate (therefore, are willing to pay for).

There's still more to do to flesh out this "Pro" idea more...so many more fun things for all of us to work on!

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