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Monday, November 14, 2005

Open Source is Quick(er than Google)!

Xavier Casanova notes that folks have already created a Wordpress plugin that will add the Google Analytics (GA) code to each blog page automatically. An excellent idea. Matt Labrum created the plugin, and it's really very straightforward...and probably very useful for Wordpress users...nice work.

Two things strike me as interesting about this. First, that this plugin looks so easy to put together, and was created so quickly for a GA implementation. Of course, many other integrations have been created between content management tools and web analytics vendors. But this tool will help Google obtain faster adoption with the (growing) Wordpress crowd. I'm sure other greasemonkey scripts and plugins will follow to help enable the blogging crowd to better leverage GA. And google doesn't even have to lift a finger! Wow.

The second thing that's interesting to me about this situation is how google's blogger tool (which I'm using for this site) isn't google analytics "aware". I was curious how google was implementing analytics into blogger, so I ran a quick search in the blogger help before posting this article and got this:

Not surprising really...Google is a big company now. They have so many simultaneous projects going on, it must be a real chore to keep up with everything. I'm sure Blogger will be adding some nifty features soon. In the meantime, it's very cool to see others out there innovating tools quickly!

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