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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Kanoodle Has It Backwards

ClickZ reports that Kanoodle is going to pay publishers to distribute their "targeting" cookies. Kanoodle's BrightAds program says:
"Add our code to your page, and we'll drop cookies, so when a user visits another site in the Kanoodle network, we can show them ads that will appeal to them."

I'll give them an A for creativity, and for trying to amass an internet-visitor database as only Google can do right now (with Yahoo close behind).

However, this program is doomed for a couple of reasons. The most obvious reason is that third party cookies are dying a quick death. My own personal prediction is that third party cookies will be useless by the end of 2006. Since this program relies on third party cookies, they're data will be useless.

The second reason this effort will fail is because they (and others) won't be able to "own" visitor data...visitors will. AttentionTrust efforts will put preference data in the hands of visitors, which will fundamentally alter the advertising approach taken by these companies. 2006 will be an interesting time for Attention...

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